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Easier Certificate Requests

We are asking the event to send us a spreadsheet of pilots about two weeks before the event, when received we will confirm coverage in one fell swoop. This presents a more organized approach so all the information is in one place vs.thousands of places. So, to get going we would ask the following:

The policy covers the negligence of the Named Insured (the Festival), employees, directors, volunteers, staff and, importantly, the balloonmeister. It also responds if the balloonist is negligent and the injured parties involve the Named Insured in a claim. This policy is the event's policy and covers their negligence while providing limits exclusively to the Named Insured rather than being a part of the balloonist's policy.

Event Organizers: Please confirm this is acceptable to you. 
Download the Excel File Here

If you have your own and it has the info we need, feel free to use that and send in.

Balloonists: Please pass this on to the events you're attending to be sure this info is getting to the right person. FYI, this is being sent to a large number of balloonists, event organizers and balloon club executives.

Balloonists: At each renewal and change of policy we send you a new Certificate of Insurance. Please carry multiple copies, including e-copies with you as a back up.

We would like to begin this immediately but will issue some individual Certificates if the event is coming up quickly. If not, we will contact the event before issuing Certificates to seek their co-operation.

Please note this applies only to events requiring Certificates of Insurance not Additional Insured Certificates. There are some premium and legal issues since it involves coverage grants.

We think this concept will streamline the Certificate process greatly and be a more organized approach to running a great event and providing improved service to all.

Finally, just to be clear this only applies to festivals and rallies requesting Certificates of Insurance, not Additional Insured Certificates. For the one off Certificates for your local town, park, church or client, just send in your usual request.

Let us know what you think!

Contact John Griffin for more information.

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