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Hot Air Balloon Insurance Coverage Options

Aviation Liability

Hot Air Balloon Insurance
Covers your liability should you negligently cause bodily injury to a non-passenger or property damage to others. A Bodily Injury example would be accidently hitting a person on the ground. On Property Damage, the example would be knocking off someone's chimney. The limit is usually $1,000,000 per occurrence/$2,000,000 aggregate.  No deductible. This is separate and distinct from passenger liability.

Passenger Liability

Usually passengers are covered up to $100,000 per passenger.  Crew, who are not employees, are treated as passengers. No deductible. This is stand alone coverage and does not include Aviation Liability.

Defense Coverage

Often overlooked, this important coverage provides unlimited defense costs to protect you in case of lawsuits alleging losses under Aviation or Passenger Liability. The carrier will appoint attorney(ies) to defend you; this coverage does not count against the limits in the above paragraphs, as may happen in some competing policies. No deductible.

Medical Payments

Usually $5000 per passenger to include pilot and crew. This is meant as "first aid" coverage and is available without regard to fault to enable you to provide proper care immediately for injuries incurred. No deductible.

Hull Coverage

You can select this "All Risk" coverage, subject to certain exclusions, to protect against damage to your envelope, basket, and accessories. Coverage is "Stated Amount", that is, you name the amount of coverage per item and we pay up to that amount without deductions for depreciation. Deductible of $1,000 is the norm.


Other carriers provide similar coverages but the terms and conditions may vary substantially. We believe this coverage to be the very best available and would be happy to quote and compare coverage anytime.

This is a thumbnail summary for your convenience and the exact policy wording applies to all claims.
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