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Insurance for Balloon Clubs

The Schantz Agency and T.H.E. Insurance Co. are pleased to offer, for the first time, liability insurance for your club. Coverages are described as follows:

Commercial General Liability Policy.

This covers all non ballooning activities, subject to certain exclusions. Meetings, dinners, seminars and the like are covered here. Coverage is:
  • General Aggregate Limit: $2,000,000 (Except Products/Completed Operations). This is the most the policy will pay for all claims within the policy period.
  • Products/ Completed Operations Aggregate Limit--$1,000,000. Covers service of food, sale of products, such as, tees, pins, hats, etc. Does not cover balloon parts.
  • Personal Injury and Advertising Liability--$1,000,000. Personal Injury covers libel and slander accusations and Advertising Liability (copyright infringement, etc.)is for your website.
  • Each Occurrence limit--$1,000,000. The limit for any one occurrence (accident).
  • Damage to Premises Rented to You--$100,000. Covers damage to rented property for which you’re legally responsible.

Non Owned Balloon Liability

Coverage for informal ballooning events in which your members gather to fly as a group. Not intended to cover more formal organized, public festivals. Coverage is:
  • Coverage A. $1,000,000 per occurrence/$2,000,000 aggregate Aviation Liability for Bodily Injury and Property Damage, excluding passengers, and including Personal and Advertising Liability.
  • No deductible.
  • Coverage B. $100,000 per passenger for up to four passengers. Does not dilute Coverage A, separate limits. No deductible.

Directors & Officers Liability.

Covers Officer and Directors for “wrongful acts” as defined in the policy. Limit is $1,000,000 Maximum Aggregate.
  • Defense Costs outside the above limit.
  • Coverage is “Claims Made” meaning claims must occur and be reported within the policy period or extended reporting period.

We have built this coverage to meet the needs of balloon clubs. The Non Owned portion is optional and can only be combined with the General Liability policy. Let us know if you have any questions or would like to proceed. We’d be happy to insure your club and get you all set up.

See the Application on the Applications page.

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